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MediView is developing a first-of-its-kind intraoperative Real-Time, Fused Holographic Visualization (RTFHV) for Augmented/Extended Reality head-mounted displays. Simply said, we are building a system that allows a health care professional to put on a pair of glasses that permits them to peer inside a patient without an incision or open operation. Instead of displaying procedural images on a conventional 2D display screen, 3D patient-specific holograms of their internal anatomy (based upon previous or intra-operative imaging) are superimposed in real-time directly onto the patient during the procedure.

Our primary goal is attack cancer by improving image guidance and navigation when performing percutaneous biopsies and ablations of cancerous tissues. Before the procedure the precise path of the biopsy needle and probe to treat the cancer can be plotted out. During the procedure the physician can the use the Head Mounted Display to see the patient’s internal anatomical structures and planned path of their surgical tools and verify location with Real-Time, Fused Holographic Visualization. Throughout the procedure these tools are tracked to the targeted location with mini-GPS-like navigation.

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Recent Development

On August 22nd, 2018 Dr. Charles Martin III made history when her performed first in human procedure in accordance with regulatory requirements at the Cleveland Clinic.


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